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In Memory of Michelle Lynn Kays

Michelle Lynn Kays was born Feb. 18, 1982, in Tulsa, OK, where she resided until she passed away in a vehicle accident at the age of 38 years old on September 27, 2020.

Michelle went to Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma Health Academy receiving the achievement of a Registered Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist.

She was married to Kevin Cousins but had been divorced for over 10 years.

Michelle leaves behind her 3 children: Katelynn Cousins, Madelynn Cousins, Mason Cousins

Still living are Michelle’s parents: Rebecca Griffin and William Kays

Still living are Michelle’s siblings: Magdalene Skaggs, Kimberly Youngblood, Shawn Kays

All grandparents have passed: Charles and Rosemary Kays//Vernon and Linda Taylor

Services for Michelle will be held Wednesday October 7th, at the Reach Church at 1402 North 81st in Sand Springs, OK at 1:00 P.M., presented by Pastor Chad Ketcher. After the service, a “celebration” for Michelle will be held at a location to be announced. Any contributions to the memorial can be made to Shawn Kays.

Michelle L. Kays was the kind of person everyone loved to be around. Her sense of humor, outgoing personality, and big heart made Michelle a lot of friends. She is fortunate to be with her Grandmother Kays “Bunny” which she loved dearly. We are fortunate to have Michelle watching over us making sure we are safe until God takes us from this world. There are no doubts that when that time comes the first angel, we’ll see is Michelle L. Kays. We loved her so much, she had a lot of love for people, especially her friends and family. This is not a time to grieve, but a time to celebrate Michelle rising above to heaven to be with Lord Jesus. Do not be sad, for it is inevitable that our time will come to be together again.

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